Impact on San Antonio

The San Antonio Italian Renaissance House was well suited for San Antonio. The low-pitched hip roof, deep eaves and plaster walls fit the climate, while the symmetrical and disciplined architecture responded to the German and Anglo American ideas on domesticity.  The houses were generally Architect designed and formed a disproportionately large number of homes in the silk-stocking neighborhoods. 

 The Porches are oriented to the east to catch the gulf breeze, and many include Terraces along the façade.  There is a fine line of distinction between Spanish Revival and Italian Renaissance.  The work of several Architects, including Atlee B. Ayers, Carleton Adams, and Ralph Cameron stand out as exceptional.  The work of local craftsmen imbue the homes with a regional attribute, with special attention to Hanibal Pianta’s cast stone and plaster work, and Voss metal works decorative iron.

The Homes