Johanna Kalteyer House


332 King William STREET

The Johanna Kalteyer House is a two-story house with both Victorian and Craftsman influences. The heavy stucco piers on the ground level porch are more reminiscent of Craftsman style, while the paired beveled columns on the second floor porch suggest a Victorian quality.

In March of 1908 Mrs. Johanna Kalteyer, widow of George Kalteyer (425 King William), purchased this lot from Mrs. Carl Groos and built a house on it. She lived here from 1909 until her death in 1915. The property was a rental unit until 1926 when Mrs. Kalteyer’s son, Fred, sold it to Augusta W. Witting and her unmarried children: Regina, Tilla, Sophie and George, an editor with the San Antonio Express News. The entire family moved from 930 South Presa and lived here until there deaths. Their only surviving nephew, Augustus A. Witting, lived in it until his death. In 1966 the house was sold to James and Barbara Cleveland. In 1968 they sold it to Julian Treviño, a respected educator and former San Antonio Independent School Board president and his wife, Diana Treviño. The Treviño family owned El Mirador restaurant and other local businesses.

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