Froebel House


228 Washington Street

The Froebel House is built in the Texas-German Vernacular style, but unlike most early houses, it is made of caliche block with a plaster exterior.

Martin Froebel, a wheelwright, probably built this caliche block house in 1866, soon after he purchased the lot that comprises the north half of the present property from Erhard Pentenrieber. In 1865 he bought the two lots to the south of it from Thomas Stribling.

After Martin died in February 1879, his wife, Anna, continued living here and every Sunday afternoon for many years would go by 120 King William for her friend, Mrs. John Ball, and the two of them would walk to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on East Commerce to attend Vesper service. It was said they did this with such regularity that the neighbors could almost set their clocks by noticing when the ladies passed.

The 1880 census lists Anna at this house with her children – August, Emil, Gustave, Matilda, Olga, Herman and Dina (Christina). Anna Froebel died in 1930 and Christina lived here until 1935. Frank and Ruth Rahmstorf purchased this property in 1953 and sold it to Arthur ‘Hap’ Veltman in 1971. He began restoration and in 1973 sold it to Susan Monday and Jay Monday.  Janie Barrera purchased the house in 2005.

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