Albert Beckmann House


222 East Guenther Street

The Albert Beckmann House has Doric porch columns and a bay window. This brick masonry house built in the Victorian style has a wide, deep-set front porch, an entry door with an arched transom window and triple hung windows.

The first owners of this home were an architect, Albert Beckmann, and his wife, Marie Dorothea Guenther, daughter of Carl H. Guenther. Albert was born in this city but received his professional training in German. Mr. Beckmann designed and built their house before 1887. At that time the address was 529 Madison. About 1933 the front gate was moved around the corner to Guenther Street, and the number 222 was posted on the door facing that direction. Thus the change in address.

The Beckmann’s son Adolph and his wife, Milby Gibbs Beckmann, lived in the house until it was sold to Julian and White, architects, in May 1956. Milby, the last of the family to live here, was the daughter of Alfred Giles (308 King William). In 1965 the property was purchased by O’Neil Ford and Sam Zisman. It was used by the firm of Ford, Powell and Carson until Howard and Zella Forsyth purchased it in 1981. Donald and Betty Jo Schwartz bought the house in 1992 and sold it to Willam and Paula Stallcup in 2004. Jennifer and Julie Hooper Abad made it their home in 2014.

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