McDaniel House, 111 Madison


111 Madison

McDaniel House is a brick masonry house built in the Victorian Richardsonian Romanesque style. The front door is surrounded by a masonry arch with engaged columns. Several of the first floor windows and the first floor porch mirror the masonry arch.

In 1896 a bride and groom moved into a new home built by the bride’s father, Colonel Charles C. Gibbs. The newlyweds were Dr. Alfred and Virgilia Gibbs McDaniel; they inherited the house from her mother, Zenomia Barnes Gibbs, in 1911. The grounds comprised several lots and extended in the back to King William Street.

After Mrs. McDaniel died in 1912 from complications resulting from an operation for appendicitis, Dr. McDaniel and their children, Star and Gibbs, lived in the house until about 1926 when he remarried and converted the carriage house into a duplex (130/132 King William Street). He, his new wife, Loma Lee, and his son, Gibbs, moved there.

Star McDaniel Heimsath, who inherited ¼ of the house when her mother died in 1912, purchased the rest of it and from 1927 until the mid-1940s leased the house on Madison Street to an exclusive girls’ school called Bonn Avon. Star heimsath owned it until she sold to George McDermott operated a nursing home here. Leslie O. and Nell Cosner purchased the house in 1957, Ed. O. Hartman in 1973, and, in 1980, George and Daigue Gilligan.

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