Hill House, 110 City Street


110 City Street

Hill House, a large, two-story house, has been divided into apartments but its wood detailing, low pitch roof, wide eaves, stucco exterior and coupled windows identify it as Craftsman style.

Just like all the other lots on City Street, this one was originally part of the Thomas J. Devine Homestead and was inherited by his daughter Kate May in 1890. In 1899 Mrs. A.M. Perry paid $1000 for it, and in 1901 Charles Guerguin and his wife, Manuella, bought it from her for $1200. Sometime before September, 1918 the Guerguin family built a house on this lot and Dr. Albert Orvan and Edna Hill and their children lived here. Edna was the daughter of Leopold and Anne Guerguin (108 City) and granddaughter of Charles and Manuella. She died of influenza in December, 1918; but Dr. Hill loved here until 1946 when he sold the house to Eugene Castillo. The house may have been built as apartments; at least as early as 1924 it had four apartments, as it does today. In 1948, Mrs. Caroline Sepulveda Garza bought it and lived in one of the downstairs unite until the mid-1980s. Mrs. Garza came to the United States with her parents shortly after her birth and became a citizen of the United States in 1942. She was a talented woman who played the piano but was widowed with two young children. In order to support her family, she worked in the City Auditing Department and then as a stenographer for a finance company and later for Treviño Real Estate and Insurance while becoming a successful real estate investor. This house still belongs to members of her family.

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